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The Missing Buffer Client
for Windows Phone

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Built with Love

Stack already supports Buffer's major features, with many more to follow soon.

Write Updates

Either add new updates to your Buffer or publish them directly, individually for each of your connected social media profiles.

Keep an eye on the Stack

See all your scheduled updates and re-schedule, publish or dismiss them instantly.

overview your profiles

Fully supports all your connected profiles and gives you useful insights, including your KLOUT score!


Buffer, Publish, Edit & Delete

Stack supports all basic Buffer features, inluding saving updates on the buffer or instantly publish them and edit or delete buffered updates.

Edit every detail

Not only you can edit the update content, but also re-schedule or even put it on the top of your buffer!

Instantly Publish & Delete

Want to share an update from the buffer real quickly? Simply tap publish in its context menu! Changed your mind? Tap delete!

Share Photos

With Stack you can simply attach photos to your updates, simply by tapping the photo button on the application bar! The image gets uploaded and its public link appended to your upate.

Take or Pick?

You can either take a new photo with your Windows Phone's camera, or pick one from your photo albums.

Share to Stack

Within any other application, you can bring up the share menu and choose Stack, to create a new update with the photo attached.

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... to the Cloud

Stack uses various cloud storage providers for uploading photos. Here is what's supported already and what's planned for future releases:

Microsoft OneDrive

Since Stack v1.1!


New with Stack v1.2!


Comming soon...

More Awesome Features

This is what Stack can do for you as well.

Unified Buffer

Stack shows you an overview of all Buffer queues right away, allowing you to re-schedule, publish or delete updates instantly.

Multiple Profiles

All your connected social media profiles are available with Stack. With a tip of your finger, you're able see the individual Buffer queue of each profile.


Clicks, Favs & more

See statistics for all your sent updates, including clicks, mentions, favs and retweets.

KLOUT Support

With Stack, you're able to see your up to date KLOUT score for each Twitter and Google+ profile.


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